Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Vancouver Canada

Logos Vol. 1
A collection of logos and lettering made for clients in a variety of industries.
Mindful Juice Bar
Mindful Juice Bar is a restaurant with a focus on healthy, plant-based foods. The mission of the new brand and identity was to capture the organic forms that appear in nature in a simple geometric shape. The accompanying identity is inspired by Tropical Islands & Bali with vivid color palettes and floral patterns.
New York's NWA
The Sheek Louch line “What more can I say, we’re New York’s NWA” is the inspiration for showing LOX as an entrenched part of New York Hip Hop. They speak on the social issues that matter to them much in the way NWA shed light on LAPD brutality and corruption...
WORK Clothing Brand
A complete branding and website redesign for Work Clothing Brand. The campaign also includes several exclusive new apparel designs available only at neverwillwork.com
WORK Clothing Brand lookbook
Lookbook designed for Work Clothing brand; an independent Los Angeles based Streetwear brand featuring the latest designs for 2014. The designs used throughout the book have been established for WORK Brand across the brands presence. The maintained look is rugged and authentic Los Angeles.
Ice Cube | Ghetto Vet
Poster and Tshirt design inspired by the iconic lyrics performed by Ice Cube. Growing up I was always drawn to Ice Cube's lyrical style of street knowledge. This is my tribute to the legendary Westcoast rapper.
WORK™ Masked Suit
The Masked Suit character was designed for Work Clothing Brand and serves as the mascot for the company. This sign was printed as a life-sized standup sign for use in tradeshows.
Rockstar Games Legacy
My concept for this project was to encapsulate all of the branding and illustration elements from Rockstar Games and bring them together to create the iconic symbol that is the R and Star. In total, I have been working on this project for over 4 years, collecting, recreating and arranging all of the elements.
A collection of various lettering and logo designs.
Sarv Accounting Services
Sarv Accounting Services is a start-up company that required a simple website and branded identity to accompany it. A clean grid-based logo was created to reflect organization and order.
Daughter Poster
Typogrpahic poster using hand calligraphy, gold leaf, and black card stock. A gift for a close friend of mine.
Movember 2012 Illustration
A design project created for Movember. Proceeds from the sale of this print will be directly donated to the Mustache Gentleman's Alliance in order to reach our goal for a healthier and happier generation of Gentleman.
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